*This page contains affiliate links – all product choices are mine. I want to thank you for checking the suggestions out because this is one way I support my art business!  Hugs-KD

If you have ever watched me paint live on Facebook, you would know that I love using Holbein Artists’ Gouache paints. What makes them different, you ask? Its velvety smooth finish is my first “swoon” moment. I love how when dried; this watercolor can be a matte solid finish. Or add more water to your brush, and you can make this gouache as thin and transparent as you wish. The choice of colors this line has is also superb. I am building my collection of colors monthly, but you can start with the basics and mix the colors to begin. There’s just no excuse not to try them…listen to me, Linda…you want to try these paints.

Utrecht Easels are Sturdy

Great equipment is so essential to both the beginner and experienced artist, that includes a sturdy easel. I love using my Utrecht easel to paint all my canvas works. An easel that makes it possible to change the variable length adjustment easily is one to get in my book. The wood construction means the easel is very durable. Check out my link to see the great selection Utrecht has. I am sure you will find one at a great price to bring to your home or business studio.

Derwent Inktense Pencils

Want to use some fantastic pencils that are permanent once they are dry? Then these pencils will fill the bill. Derwent Inktense Pencils happened across my path a few years ago, and I haven’t looked back. They go on like a pencil, but once you use a brush and water, they become the brightest pencil watercolor I have found. What is also cool is that you can use a light hand when drawing with them and the color can be soft and see through. Inktense pencils can be used on fabric too! What a versatile tool for your creative stash. You should check them out through my affiliate Amazon link. Thanks and hugs, Krista

Canson Watercolor Paper

I am a picky soul when it comes to my paper. I am also a thrifty soul–and this paper hits both of my needs. Canson Watercolor Paper 140 pound is my go-to for any of my painting needs. I love to have a wet brush, and this paper can hold up under those conditions. It also allows me to keep adding more paint when I use either my Derwent Inktense or Holbein Gouache. So if it can hold up to those two tools, it is a pretty great paper.

Watercolor Brushes You will LOVE

Okay, not all brushes are created equal like humans. I have bought my share of sucky ones. The Robert Simmons brand is the WINNER WINNER!! You want to look for a brush that keeps its bristles together and is a great size for what you are trying to paint. Some of my first choice sizes to have as you start would be a 4 – S85, 5 – S86, 1/2″ – S55, 4 – S67, 1/4″ – S52, 6 – S85, 10 – S85, 12 – S85. But pick the size according to how big your painting surface area is. The lower the brush’s first number is the smaller the brush surface area is.  Grow your watercolor brush collection a few at a time and with care they will last you many years.

"The Famous" White Pen

If you want to know my two favorite pen choices are the Uni-ball Signo Broad and Sharpie White Medium Point. Both writing utensils have a nice stable flow of ink. The Canson black paper notebook is an excellent pick because it has the perforation to tear away the spiral edge if you want to take it out to mat and frame.

My Favorite Chalkboard Supplies

Chalkboard art is a long instilled love of mine. I use certain supplies to get the looks I want. From the black paint to create the signature blackboard, to the chalk or chalk pen. I also have a specific hairspray I use to seal the artwork until I want to change it. Here are some of my favorites: Krylon chalkboard black, Bistro Chalk Marker for a permanent solution and the standby chalk stick with the hairspray to keep it in place. Who knew the bathroom supply closet would be a factor in making a great piece of art?